My First Potato Post

Hi everyone! After looking at my “About Me” blip, I’m sure you have some questions. Maybe you’re wondering “Why is this woman trying to write a freaking blog based around a potato that has anxiety??” That is a valid question. You also may be wondering “Why does she feel like a starchy vegetable, and should I reach out to make sure she’s okay?” That would also be a valid question. So this first post is to provide you with some answers!

I’ll begin by saying this: feeling potato-ish is a real and legitimate feeling. Look at it this way. A potato that comes straight from the ground is earthy, dirt-covered, raw, and inconsumable at that stage. Even when you wash it, the likelihood that you will bite into the whole raw potato and eat it like this is small, and if you do eat raw potatoes, there’s a good chance you don’t do it too often or only if you have heartburn! But heartburn aside, what I’m trying to say is that we look at the potato at face value. In its original, natural state, it doesn’t seem to have that much to offer. However, this vegetable/starch can turn into the most amazing foods and sides and has the ability to be prepared in a ton of different ways. This can mean mashed, baked, cooked, oil fried, air fried, roasted, slow-cookered…and so much more!

Now, when we as individuals are going through anxiety, stress, or a negative emotion, we may have a difficult time properly analyzing who we really are to ourselves and to others. Speaking from experience, I have had many mental health days that were extremely challenging, and I still have them to this day. This temporarily makes me feel different or weird about myself, sometimes also making me wonder who I really am while I’m feeling inconsistent emotions or thoughts. For me, this often leads into a rapid spiral of overthinking or cycling on negative thoughts. This in turn makes me feel bad about myself. We as humans are really good about doing that in general – letting our thoughts go on this crazy roller coaster, and suddenly when we stop, we are still spinning because we have not allowed our mind to channel those thoughts in a mindful manner.

Now we put it all together. When we feel at our mental and emotional worst, and sometimes during this our physical worst as well, we might feel like a potato in its natural state. I liken this to the feeling when you are having a challenging mental health day and you decide to look in the mirror and criticize yourself – yeah, that’s not a good feeling. We may look into this mirror and see what we think is a raw, undesirable potato looking back at us. I’m here to tell you that this is NOT your real potato. Maybe you’re actually a steaming bowl of mashed potatoes with melted butter, or crispy fries right out of the oven, or maybe you’re a baked potato loaded with bacon, cheese, and sour cream. Whatever it may be, your inner potato has so much more to offer than what you may think it does if you are viewing your potato surface level – as a raw and unprepared one.

Now, if somehow I put anxiety and the potato together in a relatable or understandable way, I’m writing for you. I’m also writing for me. I’m writing for both of us and for anyone who wants to take the time to read about what goes on in the life of myself as an anxious potato and share in the content, stories, laughs, sadnesses, ups, and downs that go with it.

In turn, I hope this blog and its future content gives us all a stronger glimpse into the state of our true potatoes. πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “My First Potato Post

  1. I am a big fan of potatoes and analogies and you have both here and I am really excited about it! I’m so thankful for people who are willing to be vulnerable about their mental health journeys. I think it makes the world a way less lonely place so thank you for sharing! I look forward to all things anxiety potato!

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