New Year, New Potato?

Hi guys, I’m back again. I just wrote yesterday, but this is the last day of the year, and that is a huge deal for me and for a lot of us. I couldn’t miss my opportunity to share some of my thoughts on what this thing called 2020 did to us.

It all started in March…working my full time retail job with crazy hours, 5 days a week like I had been for over a year. One day, news comes out that there’s this sickness and it’s kinda spreading? Okay. I kept going to work with everyone because the news is always negative like that, right? The next week is like oh, wow, our hours are getting reduced?? What?! And just a day or two later I was told okay, tomorrow is actually your last day at work for the foreseeable future. I went to work that next day living in this weird fog. I walked out those store doors at 7 pm on a clear evening, and as I went to my car I thought wow, I have not felt this level of uncertainty in an extremely long time, and I don’t know how to process this.

Then ensued a couple months of no job, trying to find and understand my purpose, moving to another state, and lacking a routine in every sense of the word. And I know I am not alone.

Now, I also know that COVID-19 started in 2019, hence the name, but of course it didn’t rock our worlds until early-ish 2020. But these last 9-10 months have seemed like 9-10 years. The world and people have changed because of the pandemic. People are distant and nervous to be around each other, actively making sure that if someone gets too close, they move away to maintain their distance. Relationships have been severed, whether it’s by not being able to see a loved one, or by being around them so much while working remotely that you go near-bonkers.

So basically, what does this last year look like for the anxiety potato? Well, I can tell you it hasn’t been so good for me. As someone who thrives on consistency and patterns in my routines while also requiring a heads up for everything because I hate the unknown, this year has been absolute potato water. I have struggles mentally, physically, and emotionally to stay focused and consistent on what’s important and healthy, and by golly, I have had some really roundabout ways of achieving my goals this year. Ultimately, they haven’t all been healthy or good for me, but what I can say is this…

We Flipping Made It!

We made it through our anxiety, our depression, our stress, our unease, our relationships, our jobs, our schoolwork…we made it through everything. And it wasn’t easy, and going into 2021 isn’t gonna be a potato walk. But it’s going to be better, and no matter how each one of us guided our paths through 2020, I am extremely proud to go into the new year with all of you (at a cool 6 feet apart of course). So bring on the safe and socially-distanced celebrations, snacks, and bubbly champagne, because this won’t be the year I’m making a resolution.

This will simply be the year I am celebrating being alive.


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