Particularly Potato

Ahhh, hello all! My 19-day potato hiatus (potatus) is complete. Did you even know I was on one? Ha! Neither did I! This is exactly what happens when our lives get freaking busy! You’re probably here thinking um…speak for yourself??? You’re right, I should. I also feel the need to clarify, after mysteriously disappearing right during the transition into the new year, that no, the lingering effects of 6 hours of drinking, dancing, and singing at the top of my lungs in my apartment are NOT still in effect. Sure, maybe they were around day 2, 3, maybe even 4, but…oh well.

Also, If you haven’t noticed by now, I get a little wayward with my writing. It can probably be a bit confusing to follow along to at times. What I try very hard to do for myself as a writer is to always make sure my words can come together into somewhat of a cohesive end goal or moment. But…sometimes that’s hard to do as I just let my fingers glide across the keyboard, and after 19 days away, it’s even harder.

By the way, this post is not for me to my celebrate my drunken sloppiness from the comfort of my home while in leggings to ring in the new year. Really though…I tried to play some WII resort (outdated, ik ik), and the results of that are NOT something I care to recreate! However, what I want to do by sharing this is to tell you that these moments are okay! And they’re not just the moments where we’re making small talk with a friend, or going on a walk, or going window shopping, they’re like the REAL real moments. The moments where you let your flippin hair down, you bust out those dance moves, you sing along to your favorite songs at the top of your lungs, you make a delicious and non-health conscious meal, you pour that second or third glass of champagne and take those tequila shots, you wear that shirt you want to show off in and you do it because YOU look good in it and you won’t dare let anyone insert an opinion otherwise. The moments that you create and live in without a care in the world because you’re YOU, and you are awesome, and you are living life to the fullest extent that you can.

The priority of these moments is different for each and every person. The reason I think it’s incredibly important for me is because, as an anxiety potato, I’ve NEVER been good at letting out the inner “real moments” me. Sometimes, as somebody with social anxiety, it’s even easier to hide behind a bottle to help me open up and show others my real moments. And I don’t want that to be a secret. I want to share that. Sometimes, shortcuts are easier, and they’re not always the best decisions to others, but they are so important for us to live our real lives.

My overall point in saying this is that we all have our real moments, and they’re all special, unique, and important in their own way. I don’t want to live my life feeling like I need to have a drink to be in a social setting to alter my choices, just like I don’t want any of you amazing individuals to live your lives taking even one moment to let somebody else impact how you live your real moments or what real choices you make.

We’re all humans. We’re all here with a united goal – to live our lives. Let’s make sure we live them with our real moments and support each other along the way.

Take care everyone!

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