About Me

Hi, I’m The Anxiety Potato

Well, not really. But I know we’ve all been there. I’m just a regular Gen Z’er, which may sound terrifying, because that technically means I could have been born just last year. But don’t worry, I’m as close to Gen Y as possible without quite being in their generation, so I’ve lived a bit and seen some things. Over my years as an anxious potato, I’ve learned a few key points. The first is that being a potato is ACTUALLY a feeling, and it’s a legitimate one. Sometimes when you’re having a bad day, you just stop and go “Wow, today is a potato-ish day today”. The second thing I’ve learned is that this feeling should be shared with others. Too often we let our anxious potato feelings and stress bottle up, and we may not feel like we have relatable invididuals to share these moments with. These two things, as I can strongly relate to both of them myself with tendencies for high anxiety and stress, have led me to create this blog – The Anxiety Potato. Once you get past its kinda wacky name, I hope that in the following pages and posts you can find somthing that relates to you, whether it be happy, sad, funny, or anything in between.

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